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Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with me. I’ll consult and advise you about your intellectual property. We’ll discuss exactly what you need to do, when to do it and how to do it so you can successfully make money with your IP. If your IP licensing requires more in-depth consulting, you’ll get my “best client rate” on private consultations.





Audio and Video Library giving you access to dozens of media files covering every step of the licensing process. Use this content to get the “how-to” information when you need it – whether it’s how to make first contact with a potential partner, figure out your deal terms,  or to find out what to do when you’re ready to negotiate your first deal. These libraries are continuously updated with new content and real world advice so you’re up to date on every step of your licensing process.




IP Documents Library that includes every type of licensing agreement (patent, trademark, copyright and Trade Secret), non-disclosure and other you can edit for your specific licensing deal. Plus you’ll also find power point templates that let you quickly create licensing presentations for a meeting or your website, royalty rate and profitability analysis spreadsheet, quick start licensing plan, IP inventory and registration tracker, contract management tracker, licensee application forms – all the documents to manage and market your licensing opportunities.





IP Database, an invaluable resource providing quick access to worldwide Government and Private IP Agencies, Contacts for Companies Licensing IP, Funding Sources, IP and Licensing Exchanges and 100’s more resources. You can use this database to contact potential licensing partners, register your IP, find new licensing opportunities, get legal help, or to research any type of IP.




Monthly “Members Only” Content including special reports, webinars, expert guest conference calls and in-depth analysis about risk reducing strategies, IP financing, tax benefits, creating JV’s and strategic alliances, setting up special IP holding companies, insulating yourself from IP litigation, crowdfunding for IP, using social media to license your IP and much, much more.



New Member Bonus Webinars

If you’re new to licensing, these webinars will get you ready to go and guide you in kick off your licensing program.  If you’re commercializing your IP, these webinars will help you get better organized and find new ways of licensing your IP.

  1. The IP Inventory: How to Find and Organize your IP Assets, will guide you in getting your IP assets organized and ready to go.
  2. How to Create a Licensing Action Plan, will show you exactly what and how to create an action plan for making money with your IP.
  3. How to Find a Licensing Partner in 90 Days or Less, will give you the resources to quickly search, qualify and connect with potential licensing partners.



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